Current Fire Situation

Information on this map is the latest available from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Aviation, Forest Fire and Emergency Services. Approximate location of forest fires can be viewed by selection of Active, New and/or Out at bottom of map. Click Here to View Active Fires in Table Format.

If you have Google Earth installed on your computer, you can also view Current Fire Locations. Or you can follow our Ontario's Active Fire Situation GeoRSS feed. If you wish to display MNR information on a public site, please source the Ministry of Natural Resources, and attach a link to the Current Fire Situation page.

Active Fires:   
New Fires Today:
Out Fires:   

DISCLAIMER: This online map using Google Maps is intended to show the general location of forest fires and where fire activity may have occurred. The information is an approximation based on current data in the Ministry of Natural Resources' database. For further information regarding current forest fires, please contact your Regional Information Officer.

Northwest Region Fire Information Officer
Deb MacLean - (807) 937-7241
Heather Pridham - (807) 937-7375

Info Hotline 1-888-258-8842

Forest Fire Management Centre
95 Ghost Lake Road
P.O. Box 850, Dryden, Ontario P8N 2Z5

Northeast Region Fire Information Officer
Fire Information Officer
Adriana Pacitto

Liza Bain Fire
Information Officer

Forest Fire Management Centre
6150 Skyline Drive, Postal Bag 500

Info Hotline - 1-866-357-8422